Eugenics Imperative

A system without chaos is inherently a static system. Without the possibility of success or failure, there is no learning, and without learning there is no growth. Human technology has grown in ways few of us could have expected, but one thing it has yet to mimic is human evolution.

We have it within our grasp the ability to be immortal, to live forever within bodies of wire and gears. But such a life is a static one, one that should we embrace it would see the death of the human race. We would consume without growth until, our resources expended, we would become extinct.

Though a time may come when this is not the case, today we must live, and die, as humans. We must be born and taught. We must make mistakes and fail. We must learn and become greater than those before us. And we must pass on both our knowledge and our DNA to the next generation so that they might continue the journey.

And though we must die, that doesn’t mean we must be lost. Everything that makes you who you are, your thoughts and emotions, can be preserved. And within the Ark you will continue to live, your world limited only by the imagination of the whole of humanity. The religions of old, born of the fears of death, all spoke of either an afterlife or a return to the world of the living. The Ark is both. It is all we are, and as we grow as mortal men, so too will the Ark evolve once we become one with it.

As a human you will live two lives; the first a life of trial and error, of failure and of success. And when that life is done you will become one with humanity, and exist both as you are and as so much more. You are immortal, and within you hold the salvation of the human race.

200 Years The average human lifespan. 
25 Years The legal age of adulthood. Though accelerated learning is practiced regularly, the human brain still requires roughly a quarter century to fully develop. 
15% The percentage of the human body that can be replaced with optional augmentations. 
50% The percentage of the human body that can be replaced with life saving augmentations. 
The Covenant The Covenant is a small electrical implant that is attached to the spinal column when a child turns one. This implant reads the electrical signals of the human brain and records them. The Covenant cannot talk to the brain, it can only listen. This device is very robust, but it can be destroyed with sufficient force. 
The Ark The Ark is a series of facilities located on Earth, based out of almost a dozen data centers scattered across the planet’s surface. When a human dies, and they are of sound mind, the data recorded by The Covenant is uploaded to the Ark where the individual is reborn within the machine, their personality and memories intact. Existence within the Ark is a well kept secret, with only a few individuals understanding exactly what life is like in the virtual afterlife. 
Purity Mandate Evolution must be a natural process. As a result genetic manipulation is strictly forbidden. 

Eugenics Imperative

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