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Out amongst the stars humanity made its first contact with a sentient alien species. Unfortunately, that species was dead. But a civilization just taking its first steps outside of its own solar system was not going to let something as trivial as death stand in its way. It took nearly a century, but humanity managed to not only decode the genetic structure of this new species, but to reconstruct that structure, resurrecting life that had been dead for thousands of years.

We called them the Phaedriades, the shining ones.

The Phae have walked with humanity now for another century, but their history seemed lost to them until the tunneling expedition to Mu Arae discovered an artificial structure in orbit around one of the moons of Mu Arae b; a derelict Phae construction that would come to be known as Altar Station. With a single minded dedication the Phae began to unravel the secrets of the installation. A decade ago they learned enough to locate what could be their homeworld. An expedition was launched immediately, but no word has returned regarding those efforts until now…

The Resurrection Effect is a guided collaborative story telling game using the Wushu rules system for conflict resolution and the forums of Roleplay Online for running the game itself. The Resurrection Effect wiki on Obsidian Portal is where all of the lore and background, including eventual compilations, will reside. Hopefully the robust forums of Roleplay Online and the versatility of the Obsidian Portal wiki will mesh well together.

The Resurrection Effect

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