Image Owners

Most of the artwork used in this wiki is not my own. Below is a list of what I’ve used and who it belongs to.

Eve Online A screenshot from this game is used in the banner.
Dust 514 Concept art for this game is used to represent human weapons.
Firestorm Armada Images of game pieces are used to represent ships.
Ikaruga A ship render is used for the RID fighter.
Shiramune This artist’s work is used to represent the alien species.

Code and Templates

Though I’ve been making webpages for more then a decade, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. These people have provided code and templates that have been used in some form or another on the wiki.

ChainsawXIV I’ve gamed with ChainsawXIV for several years and steal his work regularly.
Arsheesh Arsheesh composes some of the best wikis on OP, and while he in turn got these templates from elsewhere he still provided an excellent compilation page.


This covers everything else not addressed above.

Gilheru The vision and execution of The Resurrection Effect is my own work, originally conceived in 2002.


The Resurrection Effect Gilheru